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The Future is Green: Revamping Your Kitchen with Venancio's Sustainable Cook Line

Venancio, a Brazil-based cookline manufacturer, is getting in line with the green future. Not only do they create a fantastic product with the environment in mind, it also saves you money.

Foundry: Reuse, Ensure Quality

Venancio was founded in 1991 in Brazil, one of the most iron rich countries in the world. Popular in South America, they are now taking North America by storm. And with fire.

The only factory within the cookline segment to have a foundry, this reduces cost, ensures quality, and allows for a vast amount of reusing. Over a hundred tons of scrap is put into the foundry, scrap that otherwise would be discarded, rotting in a landfill. Now it can be the foundation of your cook surface.

Genesis: Reduce, Cook Efficiently

Using that scrap, building efficient burners, Venancio has improved what the food industry has taken for granted for years.

The Genesis line burner uses 1/3 less gas per burner. This is due to a revolutionary cone shaped burner that challenges the status quo. It is currently the only burner in California that provides an energy rebate. Venancio isn't stopping there, though. They are working with other energy companies to get those same rebates around the country.

While the rebate is fantastic, cutting the gas bill by 30% is a great benefit in a time when costs are going up.

Wrap Up

Want to know if Venancio is right for you?

And if you need more information, please reach out. Davis & Associates would love to help figure out how we can partner with your operation.

Phone: 262-424-7262

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