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Steak Genius Helps Cook Meat Correctly

The steak arrives and your tastebuds explode, imagining the flavor of red meat. With anticipation, you pick up your knife and fork and cut into it. Instead of gushing juices, it's gray. Gray like the world when you realize you're about to get the jaw workout of your life.

With high turnover and low skill workers, this could be the experience your customers get on some nights. But there's a way to avoid that.

Introducing Steak Genius by Cooper-Atkins.

The thermometer will tell you the temperature as well as how done the steak will be.

Since the steak doesn't magically stop cooking the moment you take it off the grill, the indicator will tell you how done your steak will finish, after it is allowed to sit. This is the perfect tool to ensure a standard doneness every time.

If you're in the Wisconsin area, reach out for a demonstration on the units. We also have a standard thermometer similar to the Steak Genius, a flip thermometer. Using a K-probe, you can change what thermometer you're using.

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