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Accurate for Life Thermometers

Cooper-Atkins stands behind its product. With high accuracy, high reliability, Cooper-Atkins ensures their accurate for life line up of digital thermometers. If you have any accuracy issues, Cooper-Atkins will replace it.

Why Digital

A bimetal thermometer relies on metal expansion and retraction at certain temperatures in order to come up with what the actual temperature is. As time goes, the metal gets fatigued, it warps, it's inaccurate. This is why you need to do an ice bath test, then recalibrate the bimetal thermometer. This is time consuming and allows human error. It also takes a while for the temperature to register, as you wait for the metal to react to the temperature.

A digital thermometer simply registers the temperature. Now and then validation is required. If the validation is off, which is rare, Cooper-Atkins will replace the unit. It also takes under five seconds to get a reading. There is no room for human error, as the temperature is clearly shown on the screen and no calibration is required.

Please reach out if you would like a demonstration or demo unit. Davis & Associates and Cooper-Atkins would appreciate helping with your HAACP needs.

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