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Your cutting boards are gross. We can help.

You have a white poly board on your prep table, or prep area, or somewhere in your kitchen. It might be red, green, yellow, or some other color to signal what you're cutting on that board. Chances are, broccoli, onions, and bread have been cut on your red board.

But is it even still red or white? You know what I'm talking about. After weeks, maybe months, of cutting on your poly board, you have those deep grooves. Those deep groves get organic matter in it. That organic matter ages. Poorly.

Yes, of course you're sanitizing it. But that color just does not go away. And then you leave your six foot cutting board in the sink (not you, but some high schooler, probably Zach). It bends. There's no getting that flat cutting board back.

Now you have a cutting board which is hard to clean, disformed, discolored, full of etchings, and you use that for years. Maybe a year, and then you buy a new one.

What if I told you there's a solution?

There's a cutting board which will not take the deep grooves from the knife. It will take shallow cuts which you can use sandpaper to remove. The grooves don't get deep enough to harbor organic matter. The rigidity? The material used for this cutting board is so sturdy that it was formed for skate parks in Minnesota and would hold its shape while people and winter abused it.

Not done yet! These boards can be customized for your prep table. You can have it segmented into puzzle board. At the end of the day, quickly take it apart, then put it through your dish washer. It can take on heat over 300 degrees. You don't have to manually wash the cutting boards.

Now, there are applications where the cutting boards, or the utensils made from the same material, could end up exposed to higher than 300 degrees. It won't melt, like that one guy who put his poly board on an electric range. It'll get some dark marks. Sandpaper it out, and you're ready to roll.

The one on the left is a meme. The one on the right is my cutting board when I didn't realize someone had turned on the burner. I could sandpaper that off in a couple minutes if I wanted.

What is this amazing cutting board? It's Epicurean. Founded in Minnesota, and now manufactured in Wisconsin, the Epicurean cutting board is able to take incredible abuse due to it's composition of pressed paper with resin.

If you would like more information, you can peruse their website, or give us a phone call and we can help set you up with the cutting board which is right for your needs.

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