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What to know about your gas hose

Gas hoses are one of the most important safety features in your kitchen. They make sure gas safely and efficiently gets to your equipment so the kitchen is safe and the equipment is able to work as intended, with the correct BTU.

Here is some base information to make sure you buy the right hose for your equipment.

1. The Hose

The hose is the core of a gas hose. A corrugate liner gives the hose strength when bending, which is important when pushing the equipment against the wall. A braid is used to give it tensile strength, so when you pull out the equipment, it holds against the strain. However, you do not want to try pulling the equipment hard or this will eventually cause the hose to fail. Finally, the outer lining. Dormont uses an antimicrobial on their blue hoses. Dormont also tests their hoses twice to ensure a secure pressure seal.

2. Swivel

A 360 degree swivel will make it so your hose can easily pivot while you are moving around equipment for cleaning. It will also take some of the strain, putting less strain on the connection of the hose. This will reduce the potential for leaks in the future.

If you get a double swivel, you can even save approximately an inch of space, giving you an extra inch of walking space in the kitchen. The double swivel costs a bit more up front, but it increases aisle space and decreases future potential for leaks.

3. The Connection

Dormont has a single handed quick disconnect. This makes it easy to pop the hose out, and then put it back in place. When reaching over a hot fryer, it's nice when you don't need to extend with both arms to put the hose back in place.

You can also get Dormont's patented SafetyQuik. Using a ball valve, the hose will only disconnect when the gas is off. The gas cannot turn on unless the hose is connected. This give an extra touch of safety and control in the kitchen.

3. Polyset

All equipment on a cook line is to go in the exact same spot every time in order to ensure the fire suppression system works correctly. A polyset is a hard plastic couch for the caster on your equipment. By having the polyset, it ensures the equipment is put back where it is meant to be, so your fire suppression system works as intended.

4. Restraining cable

You should also get and use the restraining cable which is included in all Dormont kits. The restraining cable is a little shorter than the hose, so when you pull out the equipment the strain is put on the cable, and not on the hose.

This is an excellent start for shopping for one of the most important safety features of your kitchen. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us and ask at Davis & Associates.

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