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Using Your Steam Jacketed Kettle (or why to buy one)

Steam jacketed kettles are fantastic and efficient additions to any kitchen.

What it's replacing

The steam jacketed kettle is replacing your stock pot. You no longer need to haul a massive pot filled with gallons of hot liquid off an elevated hot plate.

How it replaces the stock pot

  1. It can allow for larger batches. A stove can't take an 80 gallon stock pot. You can't lift an 80 gallon stock pot. For a central kitchen, or when cooking for a larger customer base, you need to be able to cook a lot more food.

  2. Cooks more efficiently. With the application of steam, and that the heat surrounds the unit, you are able to cook the food faster, with fewer BTU, and more evenly.

  3. Easy to empty. A 5 gallon kettle has an easy pull mechanism to empty it out, with a lip to make sure you don't splash all over. On larger units, the tangent draw off is used for draining.

What to do with it

Anything you made in your stock pot, but faster--and more. Taco meat, soups, noodles, whole chickens. Go nuts. The more you look for ideas, the more you'll realize you can do. Normally I would consider it great for ground meat, soups, sauces, the other day I was watching videos and saw someone make full chickens in their kettle. The sky is the limit.

Make some fresh chicken soup for your students, patients, and/or customers!

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