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Foodservice Equipment Start-Ups

When you buy a new piece of equipment, it's always nice to get a final check up to ensure the unit is working as specified. It gives a little extra peace of mind that everything will be okay when your kitchen starts moving.

Groen and Power Soak come with start-ups at no cost. Fill out the form in the links, and it will notify Groen and Power Soak to send out an ASA. It also adds a year warranty to your Groen steamer if done within 30 days of shipment. With other equipment, you can often ask an ASA for a start-up, though the customer will have to pay the cost.

To request a start up, fill out the forms in the links above. Before you fill out the forms, you will need the model number and serial number which you can find on the information plate. You will also want to make sure that the unit is connected and working. It can be tempting to put in the start-up call beforehand in the hopes all the connections will be made, but delays happen, and having an ASA show up for a start-up before the unit is working can incur a charge.

The ASA will then perform a start up to make sure all utilities are working correctly, the unit is working within parameters, and nothing is wrong. If there is anything caught during the start-up, the ASA gets a jump on any issues so they can fix it. This saves valuable time and money.

These are the basics of a start-up. Make sure to sign up for your free start-up with Groen and Power Soak unit to provide you with peace that your equipment will work on day one.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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