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Braising Pan: The Utility Player of the Kitchen

Are you torn between a steamer, kettle, or griddle? There's one solution for all your kitchen needs.


Toss in a pound of butter, a bunch of mushrooms, some onions, garlic, and whatever else sounds good. The braising pan is a master at sautéing vegetables.

Scramble some eggs in there. Add some rice. Put in an assortment of vegetables and maybe some pork cubes, and you have some excellent fried rice.

Or use it for grilled cheese. Whatever your griddle need, the braising pan has long perfected it.


With a quick addition, a rack which goes over the braising pan, you can add some water into the bottom, put in some pans, and steam your food. While a dedicated steamer is still preferred, if you already have a steamer and don't need another dedicated steamer, for the footprint and utility, this is the way to go.


Soup or sauce? Trick question! The braising pan can do either. With the large volume which can rest in the braising pan, it is the perfect way to make either soup or sauce. Traditionally made in a tilting kettle, the braising pan is an apt substitute. With the simple tilting mechanism combined with the lip for easy pouring, or by using a tangent draw off, you will find it more than capable of performing this task.

And there's more!

Noodles. Small amounts of fried chicken. Braise meat. There are numerous other solutions the braising pan can meet.


I love the braising pan. Personally, it is my favorite piece of equipment in the kitchen. Once you have a braising pan, you can make just about anything.

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